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"You've won my vote, this is the greatest innovation for country and sporting events that has been developed in years"

- Ron McCullough - Mt Isa Mayor - Mt Isa Mining Expo

"Bloody great, its been a long time coming"

-Barry Clarke

"The name is almost as good as the invention"

-Trevor Russo

"Our club had these urinals set up over the weekend, what a great idea, I can't knock them mate.  My feedback is all positive"

-Victor Woodfield - hired for Bow hunters weekend

"How handy is the no 1 aussie hangout, I had one set up at my wife's birthday and it takes up practically no room, and is very portable. I had it in my garden shed for privacy and didn't even have to move any of my gear! No smell, No fuss - Its just too easy !!"

-Sean Knight - private birthday party

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No.1 Aussie Hangout is a complete Hygienic, Waterless, Portable Urinal capable of over 400 uses


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